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The longvé Cap

The longvé Cap

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Size guide

Don’t know the size?
No worries, we got you covered. Follow one of the two simple guides below.


Take a ring that fits perfectly. Click this link or scan the QR-code and find your ring size (You need to use your smartphone).

Take a ring that fits perfectly. Click this link and find your ring size (You need to use your smartphone).

QR Code


Select the finger where you plan to wear the ring. Take a piece of string and delicately loop it around the chosen finger. Mark the point where the string meets, and measure this length in millimeters to determine your circumference.

Circumference (mm) Diameter
Ring size
42 13.6 42
44 14.1 44
46 14.6 46
48 15.3 48
50 15.9 50
52 16.6 52
54 17.2 54
56 17.8 56
58 18.5 58
60 19.1 60
62 19.7 62
64 20.4 64
66 21.0 66
68 21.8 68
70 22.2 70


  1. Our ring sizes are available in full sizes exclusively. If you find yourself in between sizes, we suggest choosing the larger size. If you want a specific size not available here, contact us at

  2. Don't overlook the importance of your knuckles. If your knuckles are notably larger than the base of your finger, remember to measure them as well to ensure the ring can comfortably slide over.

  3. Fingers tend to swell throughout the day, so we recommend measuring the intended finger's size at the end of the day when it's at room temperature for the best fit.

  4. Buying a ring as a gift? The simplest way to determine someone else's ring size is to borrow one of their rings and measure the inside diameter.

Need to find your right bracelet size?
There are two easy ways to find out.

Wrap a measuring tape around your wrist bone, so that it fits nicely without feeling too tight or too loose. Mark where the tape measure overlaps. This is the exact circumference of your wrist.

Note: You can also use a string or ribbon instead and use a straight ruler to measure the length from the point of overlap to the end.

Take a chain/soft bracelet that fits nicely. Open it and place it flat on a surface. Take a ruler or a measuring tape and measure the length of the bracelet cord/chain from the outer edge of the clasp to the other end of the bracelet.

You need to consider the fit or the tightness of the bracelet you are buying. Give some thought to the tightness or looseness you want when wearing it. When you have measured the size of your wrist, this is the cm you should consider adding on top of your size, depending on what fit you are aiming for.

Fit Diameter (mm)
Tight fit +0.5-1
Normal fit +2-2.5
Loose fit +3

Still unsure about you size? We are always here to help. Reach out on Also, if you want a specific size that is not available here, reach out.

The length of your necklace depends on the style and look you are aiming for.

We offer a variety of different lengths of necklaces depending on the specific style of the necklace. Below gives an indication of the length of a necklace size.

Necklace lengths

Please be aware that necklaces may hang differently on individuals, greatly influenced by body shape and height. Therefore, the image above serves as only a visual reference.

If you're interested in a length other than our standard options, we're more than happy to assist with this. Please send an email to for further information.

Ready-to-ship: 2-3 days

Style: Baseball cap
Size: One size
Material: 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified)

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