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We are all about choices. We have talked to friends about key choices in their lives. Explore their stories.

Name: Søren Le Schmidt
Age: 35 years
Current occupation: Designer & owner of SØREN LE SCHMIDT

The choice I’m most proud of…

Choosing self-employment.
"Taking the leap at the time I did. Learning from my choices, and the chances I've taken, and leveraging those lessons have been essential to my journey and where I am today".


 It required careful consideration and timing, and I'm proud that I took the leap when I did. Embracing the journey, I've been willing to take risks, learn from experiences, and navigate through inevitable mistakes. This choice has been the most fulfilling, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally as I've embraced the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.


My choice in a new personalised jewellery design…

I find personal meaning in the jewellery I wear, often opting for my wedding band or inherited pieces. I chose this ring design because black is my color. The engraving holds personal meaning and memories.
It reminds me of a very special and personal project, where I together with cherished friends created the film ‘A boiling frog’. The pattern on the ring came from this project, where I challenged myself artistically."


The choice I always turn to when decorating my surroundings...

I choose to be in my own company when I'm seeking new inspiration— avoiding any disturbances. I always get inspired and nurture new ideas when I am on these long flights and travelling alone. I believe alone time is extremely important, both professionally and privately.
"I try to arrange my surroundings so they're calm, minimalistic and clean. With my mind spinning ideas and creative thoughts, I need tranquility in my environment."

The choice I'm grateful for, influenced by advice…

Growing up in my grandmother's sewing room, she taught me that the essence lies in transforming something into a tangible creation. She instilled in me the courage to deconstruct and reconstruct, to take what works and reshape it into something entirely new. Through her guidance, I've become a tailor, not merely to stitch fabric, but to construct anew and dare to combine elements in my own unique way. Her wisdom continues to inspire me to boldly embrace the process of creation, cherishing the freedom to innovate and reimagine.

The choice that taught me a life lesson…

The choice to embrace creativity taught me a profound life lesson: the importance of zooming out and viewing myself from an external perspective. It encouraged me to challenge my own creative boundaries, to fearlessly reimagine and reinvent myself without attachment. Embracing the mantra of "kill your darlings," I learned the value of letting go of cherished ideas or identities in pursuit of growth and authenticity. This choice empowered me to continuously evolve, embracing change as a catalyst for self-discovery and innovation.

Follow Søren at Instagram @soerenleschmidt.

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