Name: Diane Soa
Age: 32 years
Current occupation: Healer and Musician

What did you dream about as a child?

When I was about 6-7 years old, I remember having a very powerful experience. As if something cracked open and a lot of images flushed through my mind in seconds. I saw me on a stage singing my heart out, playing music. I felt the power and it was so amazing.
That strong vision, that sense of connecting with my power, both uplifted me, and scared me at the same time. And after that, I shut down a bit. Withdrew. Shyness took over. But at the same time, I could feel how I felt connected to myself when I was sitting with my guitar. The guitar and music gave me something to feel connected to and navigate by early in life instead of being directed by all the impulses in my surroundings, music and song became my go-to place.

What key experience impacted you to move in the direction you are moving today?

When I was 10, we had a song contest where we were 4-5 girls singing solos - which was the first time I suddenly dared to stand forward and be visible. I didn't feel I was as good a singer as the others by, but it suddenly felt important to me to sing my verse. So, I did it, and figuratively speaking, it meant a lot to me - to feel and sense when it felt right to step forward and sing my verse. That was an important moment. I learned to listen to that.

What choice you’ve made in your life are you most proud of, and why?

When I was 16, I left my mothers home to create my  own home. To become independent - at a time where I didn't even know how to take care of myself wholesomely, was tricky. But I made a choice and I took responsibility of my own happiness. And again later on when I chose to move to Copenhagen just after finishing high-school at the age of 18. Another important shift was when I didn't get into psychology at the University of Copenhagen. Instead of feeling bad about it, I asked myself what I really wanted from psychology and what interested me about it. I found out it was spiritual psychology. I listened and navigated, and then when I was 21, I applied to study at The School of Healing in Copenhagen.

” I give my body time to feel and then it sometimes takes me longer to say yes to something. But on the other hand, once I say yes, I do it - because it feels right.”

What choice has been the easiest, and why?

The easiest choice has been not to opt-out of pregnancy - to choose the life you can create as a woman. It might have seemed like a difficult decision at first, as my boyfriend and I had only been together for one month at that point, but we decided to go with it. I didn't hesitate because it just felt so natural to become someone's mother. 

What has been the hardest choice you’ve taken, and why?

The hardest choice has therefore been not to have child number three when I became pregnant. Choosing not to bring another child into the world and knowing (as a mother of two), that you are actively saying no to life – that you won’t hold that hand nor hear that heartbeat. That felt so unnatural to me, and it's not a decision I think I could make again. 
But at the time, we didn't have the the capacity to care for another child. So, we chose to look at it differently. That by having an abortion we said YES to all that we already had. We said YES to be careful with what we already had in each other and our children

How do you find inspiration and confidence to step out of your comfort zone?

I do not follow my logic, but much more how it feels in my body. I feel it when my body smiles at me. Whether it is in the context of work, relationships, courses, or family, I listen and feel. I give my body time to feel all the layers. It sometimes takes me a longer time to commit or to say yes to something. But on the other hand, once I say yes, I do it - because I am truly committed, because it feels right – all the way.

What personal characteristics do people most often use to describe you?

Brave, loving and authentic.

"'Confidence' really means 'in deep trust' in Latin - and that's exactly what this is about. Trust yourself - that's what you will learn by examining yourself."

How do you feel these unique characteristics have impacted your way in life?

My characteristics have certainly shaped my reality. They are all main conditions I use in the reality I have created for myself. As a healer, I also use them a lot to help others get in touch with themselves – their essence - that which they already are, have but may have lost connection to and need to find again.

What is your best advice to others who would like to feel more comfortable about making personal choices?

Ask yourself what lies between you and your courage. Examine it and be curious about it. It helps you become aware of what is stopping you and allows you to start working on it. 
'Confidence' really means 'in deep trust' in Latin - and that's exactly what this is about. Trust yourself - that's what you will learn by examining yourself. 


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